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Updated: Nov 5, 2022

We have been visiting the Bahamas for the past few years and there is so much magic I am drawn to this special place on earth every winter now, I just wanted to share some of this magic with you.

#1. Imagine laying on a beach with the whitest and finest sand in the world !

#2. While listening to the waves in the crystal clear pristine water !

#3. Visit the Islands and meet the Sharks, swim with the Pigs or be with the Turtles (yes, they are adorable) !

#4. Snorkel anywhere and you’ll see starfish, squid, dolphins and super colorful fish !

#5. Anchor off Leaf Cay to hang out with the Iguanas (they are like little dragons) !

#6. Experience sailing Carpe Vita to Islands close by !

#7. Kayak around Chat and Chill and enjoy all the wonderful activities available !

Create Magic with either 2 night stays or 5 nights in the month of February book now, up to 4 people

call us at 561.603.6601

find us at Carpe Vita Charters on facebook

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